Google data centers - total server count

Google+ post: How many servers does Google have?

The numbers of servers listed here are educated guesses. They might be wrong. See the link above for discussion.
Superimposed on the satellite images are rows of parallel grey rectangles. These are the estimated server container locations.
The containers are stacked two high and each one is believed to house 1,160 servers. Click the images to zoom.

Douglas County - 417,600 servers

Douglas County

The Dalles - 204,160 servers

The Dalles

Council Bluffs - 241,280 servers

Council Bluffs

Lenoir - 139,200 servers


Moncks Corner - 250,560 servers

Moncks Corner

St. Ghislain - 296,960 servers

St. Ghislain

Hamina - 116,000 servers


Mayes County - 125,280 servers

Mayes County

Profile Park - 46,400 servers

Profile Park