Hamina, Finland

Image via Bing Maps: binged.it/z7gzD5 (Google Maps is of lower quality for this particular image)

Estimated server count: 116,000

Google purchased this former paper mill in March 2009. It became operational around September 2010. This is the hardest of Google's data centers for guessing the internal layout. Whereas other data centers are housed within a plain rectangular building, this one is more complex. The server count here is probably the least accurate of them all. Note the usual external cooling systems are missing from the satellite image. In this YouTube video Google say they are using sea water for cooling - it's a different system than the others.

Google Maps has the same satellite image, but it is less clear than the Bing copy used here. If Google wanted to obfuscate satellite imagery of their centers they should house them in buildings like this. Or underground, like the Pionen data center in Sweden.

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Google's own page about this data center: google.com/datacenters/hamina