Last updated: Sep 9, 2012

Vicarious Systems is a Californian startup company that is attempting to build software that thinks and learns like the human mind. The company was founded in 2010 by Dileep George (co-founder of Numenta) and Scott Phoenix. It is funded by a number of high-profile Silicon Valley venture capitalists. The company's first step is to develop a vision system that can recognise objects in photographs and videos. The system is entirely built in software. Its underlying framework is a probabilistic graphical model that is inspired by the structure of the neocortex. It appears to be using the Bayesian brain hypothesis. For a vague introduction on the science see the video presentation from October 2011. See also a job offer posted in June 2012, and a science paper published in 2009. They plan to finish the vision system by the year 2016 and to reach human-level AGI by about 2026. The company hasn't yet released any products or technical details which prove their technology is as capable as they claim.

More details to follow shortly…