Artificial brains are man-made machines that are just as intelligent, creative, and self-aware as humans.

No such machine has yet been built, but it is only a matter of time. Given current trends in neuroscience, computing, and nanotechnology, it is likely that artificial general intelligence will emerge sometime in the 21st century, possibly even in the 2030s.

There are two broad approaches to achieving this goal:

  1. Conducting large-scale, biologically-realistic, human brain simulations within currently available supercomputers
  2. The building of novel, massively-parallel, neuromorphic computing devices that are closely modeled on neural tissue

Of the biggest mysteries in science and metaphysics, i.e. why does the universe exist, what is the ultimate theory of everything, is there intelligent life elsewhere, etc., human consciousness is one of the most pressing and yet most within our reach.

By reverse engineering the human brain we will come to understand it. By reconstructing and enhancing the brain we will be empowered to push forward our understanding of the universe and to evolve life to the next level.